The Way

April 1, 2012

The Way is a good cleansing movie. Life is a journey and all along the way, we have our own pilgramiges, our own worships, our own solitude. The phrase is, “to each his own.” The song says, “to thyne own self be true.” Each day is a new day, a new step. Walk it at your own pace. Walk it with a soundtrack or no soundtrack at all. Walk it with whom and how you chose.


Your Various Works

December 12, 2011

I read through some recent postings from you out there in WordPress poetry-land. You won’t find the bitter or rhyming writings here. But thank you for stopping by and keep on writing.

All About A Taurus

December 7, 2011

With my new handheld tool to instant information at any time of day or night, I’ve found myself constantly tuned in to the social side of it all even though I’m quiet by nature. In one of my daily updates from information-land, I received the following (among other short snip-its) tell-all about myself. Since I keep pretty quiet, have a read, and your questions answered.

All About Taurus


August 3, 2011

life is the poetry of a morning in the Sawtooths or the millions of stars stretching from the western jagged horizon to the eastern wavy hills, from Sawtooths to White Clouds as the baby Salmon flows past saying good night just as gently and comforting as it says good morning