I recently took a trip to Montana and while time, distance, and scheduling didn’t allow me to make it to any breweries, I did bring home a few six packs so that my thirst wouldn’t go un-quenched. I hope to maybe review those at another date but they came from Belt, Bayern, and Lewis & Clark Brewing companies.

The main reason for this post is to share that I hope to use this more as a forum to express my thoughts about various subjects and share my learnings from life.

Stay tuned.


Until now

December 22, 2011

Don’t remember what happened at 10
Too busy with playing and soaking it all in
Didn’t have a worry in the world
Yet, I was on the edge of some real growth

Adventure was on the horizon at 20
Time to see it all in my own light
Soak it all in from my point to view
Lost in the fun of it all

It all became so clear at 30
Saw the road I traveled on and what I learned
Knew it was a milestone not to be forgotten
Enjoyed soaking it all in and seeing the foundation


December 17, 2011

silence is a peaceful black hole
be cautious

Your Various Works

December 12, 2011

I read through some recent postings from you out there in WordPress poetry-land. You won’t find the bitter or rhyming writings here. But thank you for stopping by and keep on writing.

Where silence sleeps

August 31, 2011

words in these hallways sleep
patiently for the reader

their cousins in the park across the river
sleep in peaceful scenic beauty