December 31, 2007

As the final hours of 2007 wind down in the Mountain Time Zone, I’ll add a few lines of reflection for the year. From it’s beginning with a win at the Fiesta Bowl to it’s ending and me in a new home,  it’s been a good year.

My favorite sports teams all went to some great championship games and had some good seasons: the BSU Broncos winning the 2007 Fiesta Bowl with an overtime win for the ages against Oklahoma, the Chicago Bears making it to the Super Bowl and Devon Hester starting it off with a kickoff return for a touchdown, and lastly, the Idaho Steelheads winning their 2nd Kelly Cup. The Bears were jinxed with a post-Super Bowl loss season, the Broncos did alright going 10-3, and the season’s still too young to tell how the Steelies will do.

Two-thousand-seven was also a year of realization learning that my annual trips to the Portland Brew Festival and the Gorge to see the Dave Matthews Band aren’t just trips anymore, it’s pretty much a tradition. In my mind, they’re not too bad of traditions to have. I made my way back to Florida this year as well. Not as far south as in the past but Florida just as much, and just as enjoyable.

A milestone occurred this year and with it were two great surprises. One involving friends, the other family. Friends, family, travel, and a necessary trip to the mountains every now and then is what I call life. I’ll be starting 2008 in a new place but as I reflect, the Calm Anxiety that I have, leaves me anxious with excitement, and calm with contentment.



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