The English Language

December 28, 2007

I know only 3 people will read this but what the hell is wrong with our English language? I didn’t major in English, nor do I claim to be semi-educated on proper grammar, in fact, I had poor grammar in elementary school, but I’ve have something to say about the fact that practically any word can be changed to a verb by adding “able” to the end.

My case in point, has a headline today that says, “2007’s most hateable people and teams.” What about “most hated?” Can’t that work. Another example I hear is “personable.” Is it to much to say, “Joe has a good personality,” or “Joe is a friendly guy?”

Speak with dignity and authority.


One Response to “The English Language”

  1. Craig Swaine said

    the english language is one of the easiest foreign language that we could learn.*

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