Flat line?

December 17, 2007

No, I’m not dead. I can see that since I haven’t written anything lately, no one’s visited to notice what I have or haven’t done. I have something in the works at Lulu.com. Take a look around that website and mine, here, and let me know if you’d be interested in purchasing an inexpensive piece of my work.

 Happy holidays.


One Response to “Flat line?”

  1. Lorena said

    Hi. Guess what, I got here clicking on wordpress’ link “go to a random blog”… Crazy, isn’t it? I found a few interesting pages this way, yours included. Most of them in English, but also some in Spanish and in Portuguese. People leaving Christmas messenges, writing poetry, or simply reflecting on life and daily happenings…

    Well, it was so nice to read them, and you. I decided to leave this comment just to have this written down: we’re somehow connected, yes. I feel like I can breath easier after all these readings.

    I wish you could read Portuguese, so you could take a look on the poetry I write myself…

    Happy hollidays for you too, stranger, and thanks!

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