Calm Anxiety

November 29, 2007

There’s a time in life where the puzzle comes together. Fog lifts and life is much more clear. Anxiety may still hover with questions about the future, however, calm has a new meaning and those two feelings bond with one another. Earlier years of experience mean something now. They’re not forgotten and only act as a springboard to the future. Imagine this diagram if you will, use it as a guide.

The large picture is a three-dimensional sphere. The space inside is “awareness and life.” Within this sphere are smaller spheres. The first three are larger than the rest. They are: “transform,” “generalize,” and “navigate.” They’ll help you understand where you’re at and where you’re going. All three are tied by a rubber band allowing for elasticity. Transform to the situation/place you’re at or want to be. Generalize, as in, notice the things around you to get a sense of where you’re at. Navigate… use tools to get you from Point A to Point B. Also tied to each of these is another sphere titled “be/do.” This is your driving force, who you ARE. It is also the ‘now.’ Floating around this triad of spheres is: “wants,” “needs,” “expressions of your self,” “your mold from society,” and “dreams.” “Expressions of your self” is your personality, NOT molded from influence of parents, religion, society, education, etc. “Your mold from society” is who you are because of those influences. If you’re religious or spiritual, add in a sphere related to those beliefs.

Use this diagram in life to find calm anxiety.

© 2007 – N. McClure