Three Circles

October 22, 2007

Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness?
Yes, No

Self Expression and Creativity

Life, Creativity and Self Expression
drive the point home

Education, Society, and Parental Influence
disrupt the balance
a delicate balance of personal traits
juggle their way through the maze
fight for dominance among
the not so symmetrical influences brought on by education, society, parental influence

forget the political game
leave the religion for later
struggling to juggle this mess

consistently changing putty of
honesty and integrity, companionship, love and compassion

the marriage of solitude and the outdoors
constantly battle against society’s
trends, civic events, or athletic competition

molten friends and family
battle for precious time
with solitary contentment

self expression and creativity
are twins fighting for respect and growth amongst the big dogs


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