Three Circles

October 22, 2007

Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness?
Yes, No

Self Expression and Creativity

Life, Creativity and Self Expression
drive the point home

Education, Society, and Parental Influence
disrupt the balance
a delicate balance of personal traits
juggle their way through the maze
fight for dominance among
the not so symmetrical influences brought on by education, society, parental influence

forget the political game
leave the religion for later
struggling to juggle this mess

consistently changing putty of
honesty and integrity, companionship, love and compassion

the marriage of solitude and the outdoors
constantly battle against society’s
trends, civic events, or athletic competition

molten friends and family
battle for precious time
with solitary contentment

self expression and creativity
are twins fighting for respect and growth amongst the big dogs


cubicle mole

October 22, 2007

cubicle mole, cubicle mole
sitting in this cubicle hole

hidden like a car amongst parking lot light pole

October 10, 2007

still moved
by this notion
of comfort
flowing like blood
of one-hundred generations
traversing time and land
connected by the thick blood
father to son,
man to child
stories of pain
tales of

cleanse this

October 7, 2007

first, i asked that the Flame Turns Blue
in Litho Blitho, Ebudae.

cleanse this,
i Seek Up my reflection
in Spoon #34.

Steady As We Go, she said
Let It Rain

the Children of Sanchez
sang with their Hands
For Sasha and Ophelia.
they thought she was an Angel
Spreading Wings for Mercy
(From the Prayer Cycle)

it’ll come Back Home To Me

For the Love of a Princess,
i could not get Too High
to read God Rests In Reason
from the Book of Days.
instead i played, For You,
Concerto in D Major: 1st Movement

i Dreamed I Killed God
then woke up
in Birmingham
or was it the City of Angels?

Miscellaneous thoughts…

October 7, 2007

words scattered
from the pubs of Ireland
to the mountains of Idaho
floating in the mind
of tomorrow

shoes wear on the minds of the lost

music is an angel,
relaying thought patterns
that only dirty the mind

dancing notes
soothing melodies
stories within themselves
of another land

visual stimulant through melodic imagination