August 28, 2007

Writer’s note: draft form but close

took a walk
along the river
snake, beaver, and deer
all took their time
walking around me
checking me out
they couldn’t figure out
my confused state
yet they could see it
plain as day
confused but not lost

finally, I asked the snake
“what’s the best route?”
“best route to what?”
“oh, sorry, I can’t help you there,
my path is never clear”

I thought I’d try the beaver
his advice wasn’t helpful either
“how do you expect to receive
sound advice from me?
I live my life between land and water
I’m always fighting to make a home
where homes don’t belong”

I figured I had one more shot
with the deer
I’d seen him before
“I’m not lost,
I just need some clarity”
“Clarity, huh?
Clarity with what?”
“I’m not sure.
It doesn’t help does it?”
“You’ll have to give me more than that.”

took a walk to find my way
to find clarity
to clear my head
the animals became my company
and distraction


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