…Intellectual Feedom Being…

May 26, 2007

Writer’s note: Some formatting of this poem has been changed to fit the page.

…Intellectual Freedom Being…


At Coby’s, she makes sandwiches.
Once a girl looking for something
That’s not easily found, she saw
Seattle as a destination but
Boise was her return to find.
The face was a recognizable
The clothes were different.
Autumn’s stars sparkled
For a moment
While two people looked.

Like William Stafford
He lays on the couch
Writing poems
Near Maya Angelou’s journey.
Hard work during the summer
Allows music to accompany
His journey.
Descriptions stand as a
Modern arts wall.

expressions of self

Have you listened to
Seven styles of music,
Within an hour,
For enjoyment?


don’t judge a book by it’s cover

black          and          white

Are you the kind of person
No one can quite understand?
Your waistline falls a little low.
One day you’ll dress one style
And the next, another.

People are Idaho weather.

the explanation

…Intellectual Freedom Being…
     is expressing yourself and your views, in a manner that you choose.
     thoughts of your own upbringing.
a complete individual

Intellectual freedom being
Star gazes into the sunset.


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