April 24, 2007

swirls of nothing in the head
little embrios of thought
swimming in a sea of goo

eyes notice obsticles
and roadblocks of competative thought

no body, no arms, no legs
round circles bouncing off each other
so small and crying to be born

struggling to define their character,
understand their growth,
learn patience and settle in
to the routine


April 20, 2007

jumbled words and thoughts
jerking back and forth
like a car under the care of an inexperienced driver
grinding gears
killing the engine
driving the instructor insane

April 13, 2007

Thoughts From the Quiet Man To You

If the clouds are low and the fog strong,
Turn the lights up so that you can see
Into the eyes of the future.

In looking for something that is not there,
It is probably best that you leave it alone.
Soon it will find its destiny and possibly you.

You have seen every star in the sky,
How it has not only beauty but truth;
State which star you want and it is yours.

You have seen the romance that the moon brings.
To whom you use that romance towards
Will be a memory in both of your minds for years to come.

April 12, 2007

Someday our lives will come in to focus
and we will begin living life full
of all the dreams and desires we dreamt before.

Someday you will have to listen
to your children, because they will lead
you into cultures complete with awareness
of the way it’s gonna be.

Someday begins now
and we know the direction it will go.

April 11, 2007

Dawn lights the sky
of last night’s