March 31, 2007


Yesterday, I was eating in my new tent
out of nowhere, up walked a bear
and offered me his food.
I said, “No thanks,” and went back to sleep in dreamland
floating down this lazy river
on my mattress,
empty of all air.
Here, sun turns storm-blue,
water lemon-yellow
while the dog laughs on the bank.
Bigfoot stomps over to the dog
and begins laughing with him.


March 29, 2007

Soul of Desire 

shadows follow the fluid
lost soul of desire
down the street
around the corner
through the neighborhood
up the hill
to the old man’s house
where advice is free
wisdom is plentiful
laughter is little
caring is lost
but not forgotten
are the reminders
of necessity, society
that fills each day’s illcontentment
overshadowing the shadows
that accompany this soul
as they wander through life
asking questions
asking questions everyday
over and over
of themself, of others, of God
asking questions
drives the car of life
down the same streets
walked by the soul of desire

The Quiet Man

The quiet man always speaks loudly.
Words swim in his head,
thought through and through
too many times,
but come around again
for another battle.

Writing clears thoughts,
and when they jumble
he looks to the sky,
to dream.

Last Words of a Reluctant Poet

try, try
try as they might
these words don’t flow
without a fight

they sing and dance
pitter patter and prance
“come out, come out”
some reason they can’t

laugh, laugh
laugh as they will
these words will fight
until they kill

“ha ha, ho ho”
they say to me
“try with all your might,
we’ll never let you be”


One day, I saw the throats of our youth-
irritated and red,
sore, and scratched.

They yelled for understanding,
sung for happiness,
cried for lost friends.

One day I saw their worn feet-
like Chuck Taylors fading
with comfort.

They stepped on stones
placed years before,
bleached and hot.

I saw youth-
full of hope,
eager with feeling.